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Here are the latest items for Jan. 30th 2015

Another video to watch. Watch it all; if you ever need to hack a 3D printer to get passed any programmed restrictions. Why? Because anyone who believes in preventing ideas from being developed or stopping ideas from ever being thought of in the first place - is a total control freak jerk. Like, totally. Whateva!

Here are the latest items for Jan. 29th 2015

It is very difficult getting information from FSD contacts in Ukraine because of fearing Kiev's Gestapo wrath, and threats from Western mercenaries running around "taking out" the family members of those Ukrainians from the East of the country. You really have to put in the time to seek leaked video and interviews from the conflict/protest areas. Don't forget about Europe. Don't forget about Ukraine. The internationalist syndicate of trans-humanist money changers - aren't going to be stopped unless all informed persons of Earth are willing to lay down their lives to ensure a sovereign, non-collectivist future for the offspring of those that happen to survive the coming 3rd world war. FSD is anti-world government. FSD is anti-world society. FSD is anti-world economy. FSD is anti-hive mind. Every one of you is an island and only has to answer to the Creator; regardless of what the statists decree.


Here are the latest items for Jan. 28th 2015

Drones, drones everywhere and not one around you don't think? They are multiplying all around us and they will be used to harm property and people in everyday society as they have on the battlefield for long time now. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with the different types of flying robots - and even ground -- along with sea-based -- systems. Technology itself is not evil; it's how it is used and by whom. Click on the pic for a review of UAS technology. There could be self-protection uses for these devices, from observation of your home or land, to real-time video collection of wrong doing by government tyranny extensions. Learn to use evolving technology to make your own life more efficient and secure. Just because corporate and government abusers can have ways of harassing you, doesn't mean you can't use tech. to make it harder for them to push their agenda. Stay frosty...

Here are the latest items for Jan. 27th 2015

Just a reminder from back then for things now. Don't get too comfortable. Tiss all going to get Medieval sooner or later. Better buy your olive oil now. Yep...

Here are the latest items for Jan. 26th 2015

Russia isn't as it was in the times of the Soviet Union. Be very, very careful when regurgitating the corporate media propaganda put out against Putin. The Rus have their own propaganda, but theirs isn't pissing off every single nation around the world like the D.C. Regime's mind games. Russia has food. Russia has gasoline. Russia as electricity. Russia has nuclear weapons. Russia has been around a lot longer than the Late-Great-U.S. of No More A. Your real enemy is much closer to home. Look harder...

Here are the latest items for Jan. 25th 2015

There are many different Linux operating system distributions that offer high capacity function, without the level of array security breach attractions and stability issues that come with having wave after wave of corporate 3rd party add-on software like with Windows or MacOS. If you are interested in trying something different; to spare your computer from constantly crashing and being slow - then click on the Linux Tux group graphic and watch a video on how to get started with Linux Mint. If you have any questions, contact the FSD Webmaster using the email address listed at the bottom of this website. Give Nixie Pixel some of your time so she can teach you about all things Linux. Warning: Make sure not to fall for Microsoft's plot to offer you a "free" upgrade to Windows 10 being released soon. DO NOT let your PC be a test subject for the monopoly monster known as Microsoft. Stay frosty...

Try Linux Mint - Today!

Here are the latest items for Jan. 24th 2015

Time to take a break from the man-caused problems on planet Earth. Look at the Universe around you and within you. One can only take so much aggravation for so long. Peace-love-dove my bros and sistas!

Here are the latest items for Jan. 23rd 2015

The War in Afghanistan is NOT over. It is not. Mercs will remain in the country for many more years. The Chinese, Indians, and other world powers are going to make bongo bucks off of the mineral deposits. The Western Cabal will continue to make profits off of the drug trade. More people will die; the corporate media won't care. What to do? Nothing. Here's a video showing a little bit of money waste dumped in pit that is Central Asia. Listen to all, follow none. Read everything, believe nothing. Jell-O vs. Pudding ??

Here are the latest items for Jan. 22nd 2015

The 'Religion of Peace' strikes again! Another Muslim wretch attacks Jews in Israel. Just like the Muslims attack everyone, everywhere, all the time. It doesn't matter how many top flight intelligence agencies are controlling the Muslim plague rats who are controlling the rest of the Muslim plague rats. Islam is a disease and has always been a disease. Deport ALL Muslims now from Western lands! Secure the borders in ALL Western countries! Stop the illegal alien invasion! Free Ratko Mladic! Free Radovan Karadzic! Heed the words of Arkan - Zeljko Raznatovic! You wanna convert, die or live forever? Your choice...

Here are the latest items for Jan. 21st 2015

As the Emperor in the Ivory House relishes in the cheers of a criminal gang that is occupying the Halls of the People in Washing D.C. - the nation's debt continues to reach out towards the Alpha Centauri Star System. The United States is on its last leg. There is no coming back from the brink. Those of you who are in-the-know or at least trying to learn, have to shed what "hope" you have about the "good ol' days" returning. It is time to get ready to survive what is screaming down the tracks. You will have to figure it out for yourself as others have done. WWIII is on the way and the U.S. WILL NOT BE VICTORIOUS. There are no morals left in the West. There is no motivation left in the West; all sanity has disappeared. If you haven't figured it out by - you never will. Click on the graphic of the biggest SNAFU weapon system in the history of warfare for a summary that mimics what the destruction of a formerly advanced civilization looks like...

Here are the latest items for Jan. 20th 2015

Forget about the global ponzi scheme that is "Global Warming" and look at all the electronic waste piling up all around us. The world is full of tech. - and that tech. has a lot of precious metals that can be harvested. That tech. also has toxic chemicals -- which in high enough concentrations -- can be a true environmental/health risk. Click on the graphic and check out a guide on eWaste.

Here are the latest items for Jan. 19th 2015

China's new -- Baha Mar -- resort in the Caribbean is almost complete. The resort will be larger and more affordable than competitors. It is another fast achievement of China's global power gains in such a short time. The Chinese built and operated resort in the Bahamas broke ground in 2011 and will open for business this year in 2015. FSD has featured reports about China's unstoppable expansion every single day for over 6 years now. With the widening of the Chinese-owned Panama Canal - and the new canal now under construction in Nicaragua; China is doing what the U.S. did in the 20th century at a fraction of the cost, faster, and without overtly alienating economic and military partners like the D.C. interventionists. China is also rapidly solidifying arrangements in South Eastern Europe which is greatly ignored by the corporate press and even by Western European nations -- which choose to keep the continued occupation of Eastern Orthodox Serbian Christian lands in Kosovo and Bosnia by NATO/Muslim Terrorist cells away from the eyes of scrutiny -- only aiding China's economic colonization of Europe by phantom means. In the coming years China WILL be constructing Naval and Air bases in Central/South America as the bankrupt United States implodes and loses its con game Dollar Reserve Currency status.

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